Missions Of The Society:

By Yan Wing Lok

1. To study and explore the meanings, approach, praxis, innovative ideas of ecotourism as a kind of academic activities especially the issues arising when practicing in the territories.

2. To encourage, promote and organize exemplary modules of ecotourism activities to proliferate messages of conservation of habitat, cultural heritage, communal histories and folklore, and being critical of human interactions with some sensitive ecological receivers.

3. To study and research the feasible approach to minimize the environmental impacts of tourism activities and to develop some methodologies to monitor such impacts how can it be adequately recorded and effectively interpreted.

4. To promote and popularize the academic & educational messages of ecotourism by developing appropriate marketing tools and strategies to reach out as many strata of citizens as possible.

5. To share and publicize thematic studies by various means, including seminars, workshops, focusing study tours etc, from time to time with the members of publics.